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Free-Use 2023 License

By downloading or otherwise using Free-Use Content and Open-Source Content available on our website,

you hereby agree to the Free-Use 2023 License

Below are the rules and terms relating to "Free-Content" which in this context refers to anything available on this website marked as subject to the Free-Use License and/or labeled as "Open-Source" and/or labeled as "Free and Open-Source".

Assets are subject to the Asset License.

(Anything available on this website that is also subject to this license is referred to in this license as "Free-Content")


--Rule #1: Attribution--

You may use all Free-Content and use them in your own content, projects, and commercial products,

as long as you give credit to TC Blox Studios for their use, in the projects/media you use them in.

This can include the inclusion of a link to in the description of a YouTube video,

or the inclusion of a link to in the projects/media our Free-Content is used in.

Along with the link to the website, you must also include the name of the brand, "TC Blox Studios", in the credits.

(Summary: If you use Free-Content in your own projects, even commercial, you must credit TC Blox Studios with a link to us in said project.)

--Rule #2: Redistribution and Modification--

You are allowed to download and include our Free-Content in your own commercial projects, of any kind.

You are also allowed to re-sell or redistribute any of the Free-Content from our website on their own.

You are also allowed to modify our Free-Content in any way you wish, and redistribute modifications to our Free-Content.

However, if you redistribute modified Free-Content you must also credit TC Blox Studios as explained in Rule #1.

(Summary: You are allowed to re-sell or redistribute any Free-Content on their own if you give credit.)

--Rule #3: Terms Changes--

This license shall not be changed, and any Free-Content held to this license will remain under no other limitations other than the Free-Use 2023 License.

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