64 2.0

What awaits in the dark, creepy basement of 64?

- Includes custom resource packs.

- Custom textures.

School 7.0

A school with villager students and teachers.

Two floors, interior and exterior. Portables outside and small playground.

Lunchroom, Gym and Classrooms included.

- Includes custom resource packs.

- Custom textures.

Kitchen Simulator

You are a tiny person wandering a giant kitchen. What will you find?

- Includes custom resource packs.

- Custom textures.

Cloud City

A strange yet mainly peaceful city with strange mobs and stores of items.

- Includes custom resource and behaviour packs.

- Custom textures.

Outer Space

A large map of planets, blocks, and cubes. Welcome to space, make sure you're wearing your space suit!

Pancake Planet

Welcome to Pancake Planet, where everything is a pancake! This world comes with pancake blocks, foods, diamond and golden pancakes and much more such as weapons and armour!

- Includes resource packs.

- Custom textures

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