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All of our Games and Game Projects

Unzip / Extract .zip files and double-click / open the .EXE file in the unzipped folder to run the games that have a direct download option. (Typically, the ones that are free)




PainBrain Demo

Play on a computer that isn't a computer. Browse the "internet" while messing around with files!

Supported Platforms: Windows x64

A horror game where your quick thinking will help you survive.

Good luck!

W to look forward, D to look right, LEFT CTRL to duck. LEFT SHIFT to crouch. F to close right vent.

Supported Platforms: Windows x64





Use W.A.S.D. keys to roll a cube around and break through walls and over ramps to crash and mash into anything and everything in your way! All levels available in 1st and 3rd person perspective modes.

Supported Platforms: Windows x64


APPLE101 Clicker Demo

Buy items to earn Apples. Buy more items with Apples. Buy and grow seeds with Apples.. EVERYTHING IS APPLES. Level up your Apple production to buy more! Buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, sell!

Supported Platforms: Windows x64

RocketDocketVR is a VR recreation of RocketDocket in 3D.

Press buttons to move your 3D VR space ship around to dodge asteroids through space. Same rules and design of RocketDocket but VR.

It gets harder as it goes.

Supported Platforms: Windows x64 + Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch



RocketDocket is a 2D game where you control a small rocket dodging astroids through the universe.

Use A.D. keys to move your rocket ship around, dodging asteroids. Collect coins for repairs and clear five sections per level to win.

It gets harder as it goes.

Supported Platforms: Windows x64, Android APK

# gamedemos - # demos - # unity

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