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About Us

TC Blox Studios was started in 2018,

as a small website named "TC Sites".
That website was eventually discontinued and replaced by a YouTube Channel named TC Blox YTC, later renamed to
TC Blox Studios.

This website was originally created to host our content, as well as downloadables such as our content for Minecraft specifically.


jimmybob / TonyTCB

Hi, I'm jimmybob! I also go by TonyTCB.

I am the creator of this website,

and the creator of Bob Simulator, The Movy Chronicles, and

most of the media on this website.


Partners and Contributors

One person can't do it all.

See who contributes to TC Blox Studios


Bob of All Traits

Founder of TC Blox Studios

Creator of Bob Simulator

Website Designer, Music, Sprites, Animation, Programming

Game Development Generalist



Film-Maker, Animator

Music Contributor, Animator,

Film-Maker, Script Writer

Co-Creator of The Movy Chronicles


BenTheMilkBoi (BenTheAPPLE)

Sprite Designer, Creative

Sprite Designer, 2D Animator

Contributed to:

Battle of The Bobs Legacy

ToppleTheTower Creative Team

Creative of Content for Minecraft


Redding (Mr. Motion)

GameDev Generalist

Music Contributor, Creative Team

Contributed to:

GameDev Audiotracks


Qaz (quackshotgun)

Story Writer and Creative

Lord and Savior of all that lives

Writer and Creator of:

The Cyan Anomaly

The Cyan Mystery



GameDev Generalist

3D Modeler,

Minecraft Contributor,

Game Development Generalist


egg dragon / fitlord (Jaslego/pappy)

Music Contributor

Music Contributor, Sprite Designer

Contributed to:

Battle of The Bobs Legacy

Spritework and Base Design

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