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Content License (for Projects and Videos)

By downloading or otherwise using the Content available on our website, you hereby agree to the following Content License.

Below are the rules and terms relating to "Content" which in this context refers to the

Games, Projects, and Videos on this website that you can download and/or play in the web or otherwise use.


--Rule #1: Redistribution and Modification--

Summary: You may not redistribute or re-sell any Content on our website. Modifications and remixes may be redistributed however, but only if they do not include a large portion of the full Content to prevent piracy, if they give credit to TC Blox Studios, and for videos if said modifications are transformative.

You are not allowed to redistribute or re-sell any of our Content in whole.

However, you are free to make transformative modifications to our Content on your own, and you are also allowed to distribute your modifications for free as well as commercially, but only if said modifications are transformative and do not include a significant portion of the full original Content in-order to prevent piracy, copyright infringement, and stealing.

(I.E. Someone shouldn't be able to use/play specific Content by downloading modifications for the specific Content, all modifications distributed should require to be added on to an unmodified copy of the Content downloaded from this website.)

You are also required, if you redistribute our Content according to these terms, to provide credit to TC Blox Studios in the form of a link to in the projects/media our Content is used in.

This credit can be included in the redistribution/modification/remix itself or as part of a description on the side of it, like the description of a YouTube video.

Along with the link to the website, you must also include the name of the brand, "TC Blox Studios", in the credits.

For modifications and remixing of non-interactive media such as videos, redistribution of modifications and remixes are required to be transformative and you must also give credit to TC Blox Studios with a link to our website or a link to the specific page of our website the content originates from, or both; present somewhere in the remix or in the description of a YouTube video for example.

Important: When it comes to what is considered "transformative" in relation to redistribution,

and what redistribution is copyright infringement vs. transformative remixing, we have the final say.

We also have the final say on how our Content is redistributed and used by third-parties.

This is the case to prevent abuse of our property by third-parties.

An Exception to the Rule: Creative Commons Media

Some but not all of the videos available on this website are under the Creative Commons license on YouTube.

For the videos licensed under Creative Commons, you are free to redistribute them modified or unmodified as long as you give credit to TC Blox Studios, and you are also allowed to use a significant portion of the videos in your own work/content/media as long as you give credit to TC Blox Studios.

Note that these exceptions only apply to videos that are under YouTube's Creative Commons License.

Check the licenses of the videos on YouTube before proceeding.

All content related to The Movy Chronicles is not considered subject to the Creative Commons license.

--Rule #2: Streaming and Content Showcasing--

Summary: You may post let's play, gameplay videos, and showcases of our Content such as games on sites like YouTube, you are also allowed to create parodies memes and references to our Content, but you are not allowed to re-post our own videos and other non-interactive media such as images unless they are part of a larger project and the inclusion of our copyrighted media is transformative; and your media/project that includes our copyrighted media does not become a substitute for our Content or copyrighted media.

You are allowed to post/stream/upload/publish streaming, showcasing, let's plays, gameplay videos, and commentaries of our Content on sites such as YouTube.

The Golden Rule:

You may post about our Content on external sites as much as you want and in any way you want, we encourage it actually; however do not attempt to abuse our leniency to benefit from stealing our Content or creating a substitute to our Content through the stealing of our videos and media or by stealing videos and images from this site. That is prohibited.


If you post videos on YouTube that contain non-interactive media such as our videos, you are required to make sure their inclusion is transformative in some way or as part of a larger project and that clips/portions of our Content does not make up a significant portion of your media/project, especially to the point where your media/project becomes a substitute for our Content.

You are also allowed to include snippets of showcases of our Content in your own media/projects.

You are allowed as well to include references and short transformative parodies to our Content in your own media/projects

as long as it does not become a substitute to our Content or isn't transformative.

Memes relating to our Content are allowed.

For example, if you made a video, in the video you are allowed to show someone in the background

watching our Content such as The Movy Chronicles.

--Rule #3: License Expiration--

If, for whatever reason, specific Content is purposefully removed from our website and remains absent for more than 3 years, that specific Content is no longer subject to the Content License, and instead are to be subject to the Open-Source License.

You may not attempt to take legal action against others for redistribution of our Content, you are also not allowed to attempt to exercise any Copyright Protection over any of our Assets/Content/Game-Projects under any circumstances.

Our Philosophy:

If we aren't distributing specific content or media for a long period of time,

you should be able to redistribute it on our behalf with credit.

Note: The specific Content that remain absent are to still be legally under our Copyright Protection.

(Summary: If specific Content is removed from our site for 3 years, they shall switch over to being subject to the Open-Source License, though they are still under our Copyright Protection.)

--Rule #4: Terms Changes--

TC Blox Studios and it's Administrators, as well as Founders, reserve the right to modify the Content License at any time.

We recommend you check the Content License terms for any updates whenever you download copies of Content from our website.

The Content License shall apply immediately to Content you use/play online and on the web.

Content that is hosted online, such as games playable on our website or playable online on,

or videos such as The Movy Chronicles, modifications to the Content License shall apply immediately and irrevocably.

However, for copies of Content downloaded onto your devices, any and all changes to this Content License

shall not apply retroactively to copies of Content you have already downloaded and have on your devices.

That specific Content will continue to be limited by the Content License that was active at the time you download them.

This is true even if said downloads were obtained via third-parties.

(When we say "third-parties" we are referring to people, users, groups, organizations, companies, or other parties not affiliated with TC Blox Studios.)

If you download something from a third-party that contains our Content as part of a larger project, the license of the Content specifically, will only be limited by the Content License that was active at the time the Content was originally downloaded

and included in the larger project.

(Summary: We reserve the right to change the Content License at any time, though changes will not apply retroactively to Content you have already downloaded. They will apply immediately to Content you use/play online and on the web, however.)

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