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The Cyan Anomaly (written by Qaz)

A young boy is given a dare by his friends to paint his VR (virtual reality) headset Cyan and enter an app know as Cyan. In the app Cyan there is nothing but the color cyan, you can't really even tell your looking around because it's all cyan. The only thing hinting towards your looking is the hand model built to follow the controllers. The exact dare was to stay like this for 24 hours. The young boy set a timer for when he was able to take off the headset. He was also instructed to put cotton in his ears to deafen his sound. The timer began as he just stood there in Cyan.

After about 3 hours of waiting the young boy had realized the hand models in Cyan had disappeared, he didn't think much of it because maybe the game had just glitched. Another 3 hours later he had noticed the muffling in his ears from the cotton was a lot stronger. Not like he could take them out or investigate because that would ruin the dare. It stayed like that for the rest of the 24 hours, but he couldn't hear the ringing of his phone that the time was over. After about 2 more hours he realized it had to have been 24 hours, so as the boy was about to see himself by taking off the headset, he didn't feel a headset anymore. But, he still saw the cyan in the VR app. The boy once again reached for the headset, but nothing was there. The boy in a panic tried closing the game with his controllers, but he just now realized he wasn't holding any controllers. He tried taking out the cotton in his ears but just like the other attempts, nothing was there. The boy than screamed for help multiple times but nobody arrived. He also realized the flooring felt different than his carpet, it felt like he was standing on a smooth type flooring kind of like glass.

The boy tried walking over to where his door was in his room, but he never walked into a wall, he tried walking faster, faster, faster until eventually he was running and yet. Nothing. He never hit a wall. It was as if he was in an infinite plane of nothing. After about an hour, he saw something slowly fading into the cyan. After about another 3 hours it had fully faded in and was a very clear image. it was a strange face with tired baggy eyes, a small line for a mouth, and a single tooth. A few minutes later, his life began flashing before his eyes as they slowly closed, and he fell to the floor. The next day his mother found him lying on the floor in the middle of the room where he had begun, she panicked and checked his heartbeat, but there was no heartbeat. All there that remained of the boy was his controllers, a VR headset, and cotton in his ears. The mother in sorrow than acted out of revenge and murdered the boys who dared her son to do this stupid dare.

The mother disappeared and was never seen again. That marks the end of The Cyan Anomaly.

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