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The Cyan Mystery (written by Qaz)

She noticed she was in a completely Cyan colored space and could not move in the slightest, it was like she was paralyzed. Suddenly she noticed an unfamiliar face fade in and then… she was awakened. A mother who had recently lost her only child was awakened to yet another strange dream, but this one was different. This has happened ever since she lost her child but this time it was different, she had never seen this strange face before, it felt like it meant something, like it was signifying something was coming for her. The mother has been living out in an old forest cottage she used to go when her own mother and father were fighting. She has been living here ever since she sought out vengeance against the reason she had lost her child.

The mother had been so traumatized by the events of losing her child that she had developed this feeling of hatred towards children, like the kids that caused all of her trauma in the first place. The mother had decided she wasn’t finished and was going to attempt to kill the parents of the kids she had murdered. She then took a knife she found in a drawer and then put on a mask to protect her identity. The time was 1:00 AM as she started driving towards her target's house, but she saw something weird on the sidewalks, a group of kids whose faces resembled that of the face she had seen in her dreams, but after looking once more they instead resembled normal faces. She then slapped herself convincing her it was nothing.

She had finally arrived at one of the dead kids' houses and had entered through an unlocked window at the back of the house. She then made her way up the stairs quietly until she had made it to the room that both the mother and father of the dead kid were sleeping in. She then raised the knife to the mother sleeping on the other side of the bed to the father, but then suddenly, she froze. She didn’t know why she hadn’t stabbed yet and suddenly, her life flashed before her eyes and she dropped the knife, awakening the couple. The mother screamed and they called the police. Now she was heading to jail confused on why she had froze, and after being taken to a cell with only a bed and toilet, she fell asleep. She found herself in a dream with only Cyan once again, but this time she could move. And this dream didn’t feel like a dream, it felt real. Suddenly the face appeared again and she saw her life flash before her eyes again. But this time it was like she knew she was gone, and then her eyes closed slowly as she went out with the same fate as her son. Hours later the guards found her lying in her bed holding a knife stabbed into herself with both hands, but the guards had already confiscated all of her belongings. The guards checked her pulse and surely enough, she was dead.
This marks the end of the Cyan Mystery.

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