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  • Development Activity | TC Blox Studios

    ::: Extra Details ::: ​ Activity Statuses highlighted in shades of green show the activity in the development of the feature/project. ​ After a status, a rating of progress may be shown. This rating represents how far along the feature/project's development is. ​ (for large projects, anything over 10% means progress is rapid) ​ -Mostly Finished- When activity on something is active, this means it is being continuously developed every day. Progress is ever forward. ​ -Active- When activity on something is active, this means it is being continuously developed every day. Progress is ever forward. ​ -Planning in Progress- It means the foundations of the project are being planned and slowly built-up. If it is also semi-active, this means core parts of the projects are being developed and planned out. ​ -Semi-Active- This means progress may be slow, or activity may be occasional. ​ -Mostly Inactive- When activity is mostly inactive this means it is mostly inactive. It may become more active in the future, however. ​ -Inactive, Production is Planned- When a project's production is planned this means the project is not currently being worked on but it's continuation is planned for the future. These projects are explicitly NOT discontinued. ​ -Inactive, being remade a new- When a project is being remade a new this means the original project is discontinued but code and features from the project may be reused for newer projects. ​ -Inactive, Not Published- Inactive, unpublished content is content that is semi-finished in part that may or may not get published on this site or elsewhere in the future. ​ -Discontinued- When a project is listed as discontinued, this means the project's development is likely to never be made active again. Discontinued projects are probably projects that have been discarded. Much of the time this can result in other projects gaining higher priority, however. Development Activity for TC Blox Studios General Activity: -- General Development: High Levels of Activity -- Website Development : Semi-Active -- Help and Support : Active -- Social Media Activity: Active ​ -- Bob Simulator : Active (11% Progress) -- No Bath : Active (7% Progress) -- The Movy Chronicles : Inactive, More Production is Planned (15%) ​ ​ Specific Bob Simulator Activity Statuses: -- Multiplayer Development: Mostly Finished (88%) -- Core System Development: Active (22% Complete) -- Feature Development: Active, Planning in Progress (10% Complete) -- Bug Fixing: Active (75%+ Complete so far) -- 3d Modelling: Semi-Active -- Texturing: Semi-Active -- Adventure Gamemode: Mostly Inactive, Production is Planned (10%) -- Bunker of The Bobs Gamemode: Inactive, Production is Planned (1%) ​ Legacy/Demo Project Status: -- Topple The Tower : Inactive, Production is Planned (10%) -- Pain Brain: Inactive, Production is Planned (0%) -- BuildersSandblox: Inactive, being remade a new (12%) -- Watergame: Inactive, being remade a new (4%) -- Bob Simulator Legacy City: Inactive, being remade a new (83%) -- Battle of the Bobs Legacy: Discontinued -- Eternal Escape Legacy: Discontinued ​ -- Custom Mods for Minecraft: Inactive, Not Published (80% Quantity) -- Custom Worlds for MC: Inactive, Not Published (40% Quantity) -- Custom Skins for MC: Inactive, Not Published (66% Quantity) ​ -- MC Battles Series: Discontinued -- The Nugget Show: Discontinued ​ More Information: -- Topple The Tower : This project was a game I built originally using the Unity Game Engine . In the game you were a cube, and your job is to roll through walls to get to the end of the level and score points. ​ Recreating it using the Godot Engine is something I plan to do at some point in the future. You can play the demo version of the game here For now, I am focusing most of my energy on developing Bob Simulator . ​ -- Pain Brain : This project was an old Five Nights at Freddy's Fan-Game I created. I plan to, eventually, create a new project by the same name that isn't a FNAF fan-game but an original horror game about haunted stuffed plushies that take the look of voodoo dolls.. (but maybe they arent haunted, maybe theres more to it than that..)

  • Music | TC Blox Studios

    Music Listen to our music! Music made for people like you! Usage of the music listed here is subject to the Fair-Use 2024 License . (basically, you can use the music in your own projects but you must credit TC Blox Studios for the Music) WaveyBlox jimmybob 00:00 / 01:45 NuggetBugget jimmybob 00:00 / 03:24 VrumStellar jimmybob 00:00 / 02:07 ApocalypticWobble jimmybob 00:00 / 02:46 Island Warp jimmybob 00:00 / 02:16 Jellybeat360 jimmybob 00:00 / 02:53 DiscoBlox jimmybob 00:00 / 01:45 Catch 22 jimmybob 00:00 / 03:12 Racing and Tracing jimmybob 00:00 / 01:48 Fast Paced jimmybob 00:00 / 01:10 Electroverse jimmybob 00:00 / 02:45 Throw 44 jimmybob 00:00 / 03:54 The THE jimmybob 00:00 / 01:51 Time Vortex jimmybob 00:00 / 01:38 Download as .zip

  • FAQ | TC Blox Studios

    TC Blox FAQ Below are answers to common questions about TC-BLOX.NET What is the meaning of life? Yes Am I allowed to use your music in my own content? Usage of our music, 3d models, and other Assets are subject to the Asset License . ​ In-general, you are free to use our Assets in your own work as long as you give credit. Am I allowed to use your Content in my own content? Usage of our videos, games, projects, and other such Content is subject to the Content License . ​ In-general, you are allowed to post videos online about our Content, but you are not allowed to redistribute significant portions of our Content directly, any modifications must be transformative, and you must give credit.

  • Desktop Only Pages | TC Blox Studios

    Desktop Only Page Unfortunately, currently due to embed errors, there are some pages on this website that are not available for viewing on mobile devices if you're on the mobile version of the site. The desktop-only pages: - Infinite Embed - Funnini If you want to view these pages on your mobile device, you must switch to desktop mode. Most modern browsers allow you to "View Desktop Site" to see the desktop version of the site displayed on your mobile device. This may result in scaling issues, however. If you have any questions or concerns, send a support ticket .

  • Shorts | TC Blox Studios

    Usage of our Shorts and Machinimas is subject to the Content Licens e . Shorts Shorts Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing 01:00 Play Video A "harmless" Prank - Minecraft Machinima Now Playing 01:31 Play Video A Deep Cave - Minecraft Machinima Now Playing 01:32 Play Video Woodland Mansion - Minecraft Machinima Now Playing 01:20 Play Video Don't Dig Straight Down! Now Playing 00:56 Play Video RIP Unity (Unity Godot Coffin Dance) v2 Now Playing 00:37 Play Video Making 3D Models for my Godot Game #3dmodeling #blender #gamedev #gamedesign #godot Now Playing 00:36 Play Video Making Crop Textures for my Godot Game #3dmodeling #blender #gamedev #gamedesign #godot Now Playing 00:56 Play Video How I made the Largest World in Godot #gamedev #gamedevelopment #godot #beyondthelimit Now Playing 00:25 Play Video Making Terrain Textures for Bob Simulator Infinite #3dmodeling #blender #gamedev #gamedesign #godot Now Playing 00:45 Play Video An Analysis of Sandbox Games #minecraft #sandboxgames #gamedesign #gamedev #garrysmod Now Playing 00:53 Play Video An Analysis of Sandbox Games Part 2 #minecraft #sandboxgames #gamedesign #gamedev #garrysmod Now Playing 00:32 Play Video Analysis of Sandbox Games and Bob Simulator Part 3 #minecraft #sandboxgames #gamedesign #gamedev

  • TC Blox 2.0 | TC Blox Studios

    Back to Site This is a Legacy Version of TC-BLOX.NET. Links and Information may be outdated and parts of the site may not work.

  • Minecraft Addons | TC Blox Studios

    Minecraft Addons (we are not affiliated with Mojang Studios or Microsoft ) Bedrock Edition / MCPE Colored Cookies Adds colored cookies and cookie blocks. (blocks accessible in creative mode) Download Bedrock Edition / MCPE Little Things Little city blocks. (the little people may be broken because of addon compatibility issues) Download Bedrock Edition / MCPE Construction Blocks Blocks useful for construction. Adds colored bricks, pillars, solid squares, lamps too. Download Apply for Partnership and help Contribute

  • The Cyan Anomaly | TC Blox Studios

    The Cyan Anomaly (written by Qaz) A young boy is given a dare by his friends to paint his VR (virtual reality) headset Cyan and enter an app know as Cyan. In the app Cyan there is nothing but the color cyan, you can't really even tell your looking around because it's all cyan. The only thing hinting towards your looking is the hand model built to follow the controllers. The exact dare was to stay like this for 24 hours. The young boy set a timer for when he was able to take off the headset. He was also instructed to put cotton in his ears to deafen his sound. The timer began as he just stood there in Cyan. ​ After about 3 hours of waiting the young boy had realized the hand models in Cyan had disappeared, he didn't think much of it because maybe the game had just glitched. Another 3 hours later he had noticed the muffling in his ears from the cotton was a lot stronger. Not like he could take them out or investigate because that would ruin the dare. It stayed like that for the rest of the 24 hours, but he couldn't hear the ringing of his phone that the time was over. After about 2 more hours he realized it had to have been 24 hours, so as the boy was about to see himself by taking off the headset, he didn't feel a headset anymore. But, he still saw the cyan in the VR app. The boy once again reached for the headset, but nothing was there. The boy in a panic tried closing the game with his controllers, but he just now realized he wasn't holding any controllers. He tried taking out the cotton in his ears but just like the other attempts, nothing was there. The boy than screamed for help multiple times but nobody arrived. He also realized the flooring felt different than his carpet, it felt like he was standing on a smooth type flooring kind of like glass. ​ The boy tried walking over to where his door was in his room, but he never walked into a wall, he tried walking faster, faster, faster until eventually he was running and yet. Nothing. He never hit a wall. It was as if he was in an infinite plane of nothing. After about an hour, he saw something slowly fading into the cyan. After about another 3 hours it had fully faded in and was a very clear image. it was a strange face with tired baggy eyes, a small line for a mouth, and a single tooth. A few minutes later, his life began flashing before his eyes as they slowly closed, and he fell to the floor. The next day his mother found him lying on the floor in the middle of the room where he had begun, she panicked and checked his heartbeat, but there was no heartbeat. All there that remained of the boy was his controllers, a VR headset, and cotton in his ears. The mother in sorrow than acted out of revenge and murdered the boys who dared her son to do this stupid dare. The mother disappeared and was never seen again. That marks the end of The Cyan Anomaly. Video Music Credits

  • The Cyan Mystery | TC Blox Studios

    The Cyan Mystery (written by Qaz) She noticed she was in a completely Cyan colored space and could not move in the slightest, it was like she was paralyzed. Suddenly she noticed an unfamiliar face fade in and then… she was awakened. A mother who had recently lost her only child was awakened to yet another strange dream, but this one was different. This has happened ever since she lost her child but this time it was different, she had never seen this strange face before, it felt like it meant something, like it was signifying something was coming for her. The mother has been living out in an old forest cottage she used to go when her own mother and father were fighting. She has been living here ever since she sought out vengeance against the reason she had lost her child. The mother had been so traumatized by the events of losing her child that she had developed this feeling of hatred towards children, like the kids that caused all of her trauma in the first place. The mother had decided she wasn’t finished and was going to attempt to kill the parents of the kids she had murdered. She then took a knife she found in a drawer and then put on a mask to protect her identity. The time was 1:00 AM as she started driving towards her target's house, but she saw something weird on the sidewalks, a group of kids whose faces resembled that of the face she had seen in her dreams, but after looking once more they instead resembled normal faces. She then slapped herself convincing her it was nothing. She had finally arrived at one of the dead kids' houses and had entered through an unlocked window at the back of the house. She then made her way up the stairs quietly until she had made it to the room that both the mother and father of the dead kid were sleeping in. She then raised the knife to the mother sleeping on the other side of the bed to the father, but then suddenly, she froze. She didn’t know why she hadn’t stabbed yet and suddenly, her life flashed before her eyes and she dropped the knife, awakening the couple. The mother screamed and they called the police. Now she was heading to jail confused on why she had froze, and after being taken to a cell with only a bed and toilet, she fell asleep. She found herself in a dream with only Cyan once again, but this time she could move. And this dream didn’t feel like a dream, it felt real. Suddenly the face appeared again and she saw her life flash before her eyes again. But this time it was like she knew she was gone, and then her eyes closed slowly as she went out with the same fate as her son. Hours later the guards found her lying in her bed holding a knife stabbed into herself with both hands, but the guards had already confiscated all of her belongings. The guards checked her pulse and surely enough, she was dead. This marks the end of the Cyan Mystery.

  • TC Blox 1.5 | TC Blox Studios

    Back to Site This is a Legacy Version of TC-BLOX.NET. Links and Information may be outdated and parts of the site may not work.

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