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How to Play: Game Controls

[this is the default control scheme]

Game Controls:

[W] - Move Forward

[A] - Move Left

[S] - Move Backward

[D] - Move Right

[SPACEBAR] or [X] - Jump

[E] - Interact / Talk / Gather

[TAB] - Open Inventory

[Q] - Open Questing Menu

[M] - Open Map

[ESC/ESCAPE] - Toggle Popup Menu or Close UI

[P] - Toggle Popup Menu

[F12] - Toggle Popup Menu

[F1] - Toggle Toolbars and GUI
[F2] - Take Screenshot (.png)

[F3] - Toggle Debug Menu

[F4/F5] - Change Perspective / Change Camera Angle

[F6] - Take Screenshot (.jpeg)

[F7] - Take Screenshot (.webp)

[F8] - Minimize Game Window (experimental)

[F9] - Maximize Game Window (experimental

[F11] - Toggle Fullscreen

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