Legal Information and Credits


Minecraft is copyright Mojang Studios. We are not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft Corporation.

Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft (Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) along with other editions and

versions are copyright Mojang Studios (formerly Mojang AB and Mojang Specifications).

Mojang Studios is currently a child company of Microsoft Corporation.

KevinMacleod is a full-time composer and publishes most of his music under Creative Attribution 3.0 License.

TC Blox is actively using many of his compositions under the Creative Attribution License for

The Battle of The Bobs and other projects and videos.


Blender is owned by The Blender Foundation and released under the GNU General Public License


GIMP is owned by The GIMP Team.


Unity is owned by Unity Software Inc. (Unity Technologies)

along with the Unity Asset Store, Unity Hub, and other additions and affiliates.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Minecraft End User License Agreement

Minecraft content available for download on TC Blox referred to as Mods, Addons, and Worlds are

allowed under the Minecraft Eula. It states that "modded" (modified) versions of Minecraft are allowed

under certain circumstances.