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::: Extra Details :::

Activity Statuses highlighted in shades of green show the activity in the development of the feature/project.

After a status, a rating of progress may be shown. This rating represents how far along the feature/project's development is.

(for large projects, anything over 10% means progress is rapid)

-Mostly Finished-

When activity on something is active, this means it is being continuously developed every day. Progress is ever forward.


When activity on something is active, this means it is being continuously developed every day. Progress is ever forward.

-Planning in Progress-

It means the foundations of the project are being planned and slowly built-up.

If it is also semi-active, this means core parts of the projects are being developed and planned out.


This means progress may be slow, or activity may be occasional.

-Mostly Inactive-

When activity is mostly inactive this means it is mostly inactive. It may become more active in the future, however.

-Inactive, Production is Planned-

When a project's production is planned this means the project is not currently being worked on but it's continuation is planned for the future. These projects are explicitly NOT discontinued.

-Inactive, being remade a new-

When a project is being remade a new this means the original project is discontinued but code and features from the project may be reused for newer projects.

-Inactive, Not Published-

Inactive, unpublished content is content that is semi-finished in part that may or may not get published on this site or elsewhere in the future.


When a project is listed as discontinued, this means the project's development is likely to never be made active again.

Discontinued projects are probably projects that have been discarded. Much of the time this can result in other projects gaining higher priority, however.

Development Activity for TC Blox Studios

General Activity:

-- General Development: High Levels of Activity

-- Website Development: Semi-Active

-- Help and Support: Active

-- Social Media Activity: Active

-- Bob Simulator: Active (11% Progress)

-- The Movy Chronicles: Inactive, More Production is Planned (14%)

Specific Bob Simulator Activity Statuses:

-- Multiplayer Development: Mostly Finished (88%)

-- Core System Development: Active (22% Complete)

-- Feature Development: Active, Planning in Progress (10% Complete)

-- Bug Fixing: Active (75%+ Complete so far)

-- 3d Modelling: Semi-Active

-- Texturing: Semi-Active

-- Adventure Gamemode: Mostly Inactive, Production is Planned (10%)

-- Bunker of The Bobs Gamemode: Inactive, Production is Planned (1%)

Legacy Project Status:

-- Topple The Tower: Inactive, Production is Planned (9%)

-- Pain Brain: Inactive, Production is Planned (0%)

-- BuildersSandblox: Inactive, being remade a new (12%)

-- Watergame: Inactive, being remade a new (4%)

-- Bob Simulator Legacy City: Inactive, being remade a new (83%)

-- Battle of the Bobs Legacy: Discontinued

-- Eternal Escape Legacy: Discontinued

-- Custom Mods for Minecraft: Inactive, Not Published (80% Quantity)

-- Custom Worlds for MC: Inactive, Not Published (40% Quantity)

-- Custom Skins for MC: Inactive, Not Published (66% Quantity)

-- MC Battles Series: Discontinued

-- The Nugget Show: Discontinued

More Information:

-- Topple The Tower:

This project was a game I built originally using the Unity Game Engine.

In the game you were a cube, and your job is to roll through walls to get to the end of the level and score points.

Recreating it using the Godot Engine is something I plan to do at some point in the future.

For now, I am focusing most of my energy on developing Bob Simulator.

-- Pain Brain:

This project was an old Five Nights at Freddy's Fan-Game I created.

I plan to, eventually, create a new project by the same name that isn't a FNAF fan-game but an original horror game about haunted stuffed plushies that take the look of voodoo dolls..

(but maybe they arent haunted, maybe theres more to it than that..)

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