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Battle of The Bobs Legacy (Random Edition)

BOTB Legacy (Random Edition): An Edition of Battle of The Bobs Legacy where all levels are randomly generated.

Go to the first place available in the Main Menu Level Select.

Then, buy a weapon from the shop. Finally, go to the orange Quest Portal and work through as many levels

as you can go! Fight enemies, collect gold coins, and use them to buy armor and potions.

- Elements from this game may be reused in future projects related to Bob Simulator -


D to move forward, A to move backward, Space or W to jump

Left Click or F to attack / punch

Q to open Quest Portal menu (shows available levels, only usable when near a Quest Portal)

M to open Map (does nothing, this is a prototype demo lol)

I to open Inventory (shows your items; weapons, armor, potions, accessories)

E to interact and open Shop (only works if you are near a shop, you can buy things at shops)

ESC to open Popup Menu

Known Issues and Bugs:

Multiplayer is disabled due to network limitation reasons

Cursor is too large to work properly on web export

Audio errors with coin interactions

Missing animations for weaponless attacks

Hitbox issues with enemies

Terrain layering issues, missing terrain sprites

Missing weapon cooldown icon

Coins can get stuck in floor on spawn

(these will likely never be fixed as this is an unsupported demo prototype)

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