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Topple The Tower (Legacy)

Usage of Topple The Tower (Legacy) is subject to the Free-Use 2023 License.

ToppleTheTower Legacy: The first gamedev project I made using the Unity Engine

I plan on making a remastered version of this game in the future

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WASD to move, W rolls you forward, S rolls you back, A and D strafe roll you left and right

R to go back to the Main Menu

T to swap between Third Person and First Person

(in the downloadable version, which is an older version; perspectives are changeable in the menu)

Known Issues and Bugs:

Camera movement in first person is only on one axis

Camera movement in first person is jittery

Shadow render length is too short

Texture and UI resolutions are too lacking

Textures are missing from props

Downloadable version forces you to go back to menu to change perspectives

(these issues will be fixed in the remastered version, see development activity for more information)

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