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Usage of Watergame is subject to the Free-Use 2023 License.

Watergame: A small Demo Project I made back in 2021 to test animation and movement scripting skills.

Float around in a boat, going across endless seas..

There are NPCs on the islands that will give you quests to scavenge for fruits in exchange for gold coins.


WASD + Space to move around

E to Interact (you can interact with NPCs if you walk in front of them close)

E to drive Boat (you can drive your boat if you interact while being closely in front of the ship wheel)

E to Pick Up (you can pick up fruits you find on islands)

Q to open Quests Menu (shows quests you've started by interacting with NPCs)

ESC to open Popup Menu

Known Issues and Bugs:

Water clipping

Character model resolution and UV mapping issues

Window scaling issues

UI polish is lacking

Item counts are inaccurate, and severely broken for some reason

Item icons in the inventory are glitched and don't display properly

(this project is discontinued, but features from it are planned for the new project Bob Simulator)

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