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Fair-Use 2024 License

By downloading or otherwise using Fair-Use Content, Assets, or Asset Content available on our website,

you hereby agree to the Fair-Use 2024 License

Below are the rules and terms relating to "Asset-Content" which in this context refers to anything available on this website marked as subject to the Fair-Use 2024 License and/or labeled as "Assets" and/or labeled as "Asset Content".

Assets are subject to the Fair-Use 2024 License.

(Anything available on this website that is also subject to this license is referred to in this license as "Asset-Content")


--Rule #1: Attribution--

You may use all Asset-Content and use them in your own content, projects, and even commercial products,

as long as you give credit to TC Blox Studios for their use, in the projects/media you use them in.

This can include the inclusion of a link to in the projects/media our Asset-Content is used in.

Along with the link to the website, you must also include the name of the brand, "TC Blox Studios", in the credits.

If you want more detail on attribution, refer to the Attribution Guidelines.

(Summary: If you use Asset-Content in your own projects, even commercial, you must credit TC Blox Studios with a link to us in said project.)

--Rule #2: Redistribution and Modification--

You are allowed to download and include our Asset-Content in your own commercial projects, of any kind.

You are also allowed to modify our Asset-Content in any way you wish, and redistribute modifications to our Asset-Content.

However, if you redistribute modified Asset-Content you must also credit TC Blox Studios as explained in Rule #1.

All substantial copies of our Asset-Content, and all projects and media that contain substantial copies of Asset-Content requires that you credit TC Blox Studios.

You are not allowed to re-sell or redistribute any of the Asset-Content from our website on their own, unless said Asset-Content is no longer available to be downloaded from this website or has been removed from this website for more than 1 continuous month.

You may only be allowed to redistribute copies of Asset-Content that include transformative modifications, but you may only redistribute these modifications with credit as explained in Rule #1.

Note: If you redistribute modified copies of Asset-Content and you don't redistribute them for free, but instead at a price, you must include a link to download the original unmodified Asset-Content from this website.

(Summary: You are allowed to use our Asset-Content in your own projects, but you generally cannot redistribute them on their own)

--Rule #3: Terms Changes--

This license shall not be changed, and any copies of Asset-Content already downloaded and redistributed as part of larger projects will remain under no other limitations other than the Fair-Use 2024 License.

Copies of Asset-Content already downloaded and redistributed as part of larger projects shall remain under only the current version of the Fair-Use 2024 License.

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