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Bob Simulator License

By playing or downloading Bob Simulator, you hereby agree to the following Bob Simulator License.

[DISCLAIMER: This is a set of usage guidelines and not a legally binding license. This is not legal advice.]

[NOTICE: TC Blox Studios and it's owners maintain legal copyright ownership over our creative works.]

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, Contact Us.

Below are the rules and terms relating to "Bob Simulator" which in this context refers to the video game called Bob Simulator and content related to it, created by TC Blox Studios.


--Rule #1: Usage Guidelines (Content you Create with our Game)--

Bob Simulator and all of it's embedded software, code, and media, is under the full copyright ownership of TC Blox Studios,

unless specifically stated otherwise in this license, such as with the Bobbelfont.

You are not allowed to re-sell or redistribute any of the copyrighted and protected code, software, or assets of Bob Simulator.

If you download a copy of Bob Simulator, or its related software and content, you are not allowed to redistribute it.

You are not allowed to use Bob Simulator to spread viruses or malware to other users through the in-game Multiplayer.

There are no limitations or regulations on what content you create with Bob Simulator.

We ask that you not create content and creations that spread hateful messages, prejudice, or illegal activity,

but it is not our perogative. We take no responsibility for what you create with Bob Simulator.

The creations, builds, structures, maps, worlds, mods, addons, servers, skins, playermodels, texture packs,

and other creative works you create are under your ownership if said creative works are transformative, unique,

and creative in some way.

For example, spawning in a single prop and giving it a random color would not be considered a unique creative work.

Placing a bunch of props, resizing some of them, assigning them very specific colors, and arranging them in certain ways to build a large structure like a castle, or intricately designing a texture pack, intricate creative terrain modification, or other such artpieces, especially if they make use of textures or other assets you own, would be considered creative works.

We do not claim ownership, responsibility, or liability over any creations or content created by you or another third-party.

This extends to Machinimas, Showcases, Fan-art, and other Online Videos, Transformative Media, and creative works.

--Rule #2: Online Media Guidelines (Online Videos, Showcases, and Machinimas)--

-Transformative Works, Let's Plays, and Machinimas-

You may create and distribute Online Videos, Machinimas, Let's Plays, and Showcases that involve videos, images,

screenshots, fan-art, and other types of media that represents Bob Simulator freely, as long as you meet the following criteria.

If you do not meet the criteria, you must get permission from TC Blox Studios:

1. You are not affiliated with and acting on behalf of a governmental agency or entity that is using our Content to spread hateful messages, prejudice, defamatory accusations, or activity that violates human rights.

2. You are not affiliated with and acting on behalf of a corporation, organization, or company worth more than $1,000,000 USD and also creating media under the pretense of advertising, promotional material, or otherwise dishonest matters.

3. You are not affiliated with and acting on behalf of a political campaigning group spreading misinformation and/or ideas, claims, accusations, and justifications based on statistically false, prejudiced, or defamatory grounds.

4. You are not acting on behalf of a news agency that is using our Content to spread hateful messages, prejudice, or defamatory accusations.

If you do not meet this criteria, you must obtain legitimate permission from TC Blox Studios to proceed. (send us a support ticket)

If we give you permission, we may invoke the right to take our consent back at any time. (and will properly reach out to you if we do)

Do not abuse our leniency towards online media in an attempt to spread harmful or dishonest messages, or for unfair promotion.

You may create transformative works of art, such as YouTube videos, and let's play videos, or other forms of media featuring video or image media of Bob Simulator.


If your creative work involves the direct distribution of large portions of our copyrighted material, it must be transformative and not contain a significant portion of our copyrighted material present in our Content or otherwise.

We have the final say what constitutes "large non-transformative portions of our copyrighted material", to avoid piracy.

(Summary: You may create and distribute online videos and showcases as an individual freely.)

--Rule #3: Servers, Fan-made Merch, Monetization, and Fan-art--

This sub-section applies to Bob Simulator Servers created, hosted, and played on.

You are allowed to create and monetize Servers for Bob Simulator freely as long as you do not do the following:


1. Use Bob Simulator Servers to spread computer viruses, malware, or other malicious computer code involuntarily.

(you are allowed to test these things in a small group with people who consent to it, but don't try to trick people)

2. Use Servers to spread or facilitate scams, or spam.

(you are allowed to sell stuff on hosted Servers, including virtual currencies, donation rewards, ranks, merchandise, fan-art, skins, and whatever else is applicable, but you must sell them in an honest way that does not facilitate a scam)

You are allowed to create Fan-made content, specifically Fan-art and Merchandise that is inspired by Bob Simulator.

You are allowed to create Fan-made content and Fan-art that uses transformative representations of Bob Simulator images.

You may monetize your Fan-art and Merchandise freely, with no limitations as long as it isn't defamatory.

You are allowed to use any music present in Bob Simulator freely on the internet non-commercially, you are allowed to use it in your own Fan-made content and in your own Machinimas, Let's Play Videos, YouTube Videos, and Showcases.

All music in Bob Simulator can be used in accordance with the Asset License.

You are allowed to use the Bobbelfont, the font used in Bob Simulator, freely for non-commercial purposes.

(Summary: You can make Music, Fan-art, Merch, host Servers, and sell stuff on Servers freely; but don't scam or spread malware)

--Rule #4: Mods, Addons, and Plugins--

You are allowed to create Addons/Mods/Plugins for Bob Simulator, but these Addons/Mods/Plugins may only be distributed if they do not contain a significant portion of our software or of other media that is owned by TC Blox Studios and protected by copyright.

You are allowed to freely distribute Addons/Mods/Plugins made to be compatible with Bob Simulator yet do not portions of our Content, completely freely and even commercially.

(you can sell mods as much as you want as long as they dont contain significant portions of our Content)

You are allowed to sell Addons/Mods/Plugins made to be compatible with Bob Simulator.

We do not regulate or put limitations on what kinds of Addons/Mods/Plugins are made for Bob Simulator, with the only exception being that you are not allowed to hack into Bob Simulator in an attempt to pirate and redistribute it, or in an attempt at illegal activity.

(Summary: You are not allowed to re-sell or redistribute any of our software, but you can make and distribute Mods for Bob Simulator freely as well as commercially.)

--Rule #5: Terms Changes--

TC Blox Studios and it's Administrators, as well as Founders, reserve the right to modify the Bob Simulator License.

(this is a legal formality and will NOT be abused, your freedom in content creation is protected by us)

We recommend you check the Bob Simulator License terms for any updates whenever you download copies of Bob Simulator from our website.

Changes made to the license will NOT apply retroactively to copies of Bob Simulator already present on devices.

Those copies of the game will continue to be held by the same license that was active at the time they were created.

If those copies were redistributed for any reason, the copies of copies will be held by the updated license.

Multiplayer servers and content will be held by the updated license at all times.

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