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Profile Picture of TonyTCB, founder of TC Blox Studios

TonyTCB (jimmybob)

TonyTCB, also known as jimmybob, is the

Founder and Creator of TC Blox Studios.


They are the copyright owner of all Content and Assets on the website.

They are the administrator of the website, and

everything on this website is under their ownership,

unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Contributions List:

Founder and Designer of (this website)

Creator of Bob Simulator, Founder of the Bob Simulator Project

Creator of the YouTube Channel: @tcbloxstudios

All of our YouTube Videos, Minimods, and Shorts

Our Publicly Available 3d Models

Our Publicly Available Textures

Our Publicly Available Music

Animating and Scripting for The Movy Chronicles

Creator of all of our Legacy Projects: ToppleTheTower, Battle of The Bobs

Creator of the Funnini Joke Site

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